Three factors influence wildfire behavior: weather, topography and fuel. These elements affect and increase the likelihood of a fire starting, the speed and direction at which it will travel or spread, the intensity at which it burns, and the ability to control and extinguish it.

Fuel in a wildfire consists of live and dead vegetation, such as trees, shrubs, grasses and their leaves and needles. It can also include structures. The amount of fuel, its moisture content, arrangement and other characteristics will influence how the fire will behave.

A cool and rainy today doesn’t mean that tomorrow – when the wind starts whipping and the temperature is high – your campfire won’t come back to life and start a wildfire.

Please be careful, keep your campfire away from vegetation and always leave your campfire dead out, stirring it with water and leaving it cool to the touch.

As July 29, the fire danger was HIGH.