On average, Americans consume 130 pounds of sugar every year. Sugar is linked to health issues including Type 2 diabetes, obesity and depression. Do you regulate your sugar intake and if so how?

Karen Kuzminskas, Hamilton, Mass.

Raw vegan chef and mother

“I don’t eat any processed sugar, I’m a raw vegan. If I’m fueling for a marathon I’ll use natural glucose through dates or agave. Dates are processed faster, and agave is processed slower in the body.”

Kathy Moran, Big Sky, Mont.

Office Manager, Montana Living-Big Sky Real Estate

“Yes, because it’s Lent. I gave up sugar for Lent and I feel great, both physically and spiritually.”

Dean Tsavidis, Marlborough, Mass.

Custom kitchen builder

“I tend to eat fruits and vegetables. We’re constantly looking at food labels and it takes about two hours for a normal grocery shop because we spend so much time looking at labels.”