The last week of July in Big Sky had a farmer’s market, five bands, an art auction and two nights of bull riding.
Is there any event that could make Big Sky’s biggest week even bigger and better?









Bryan Guillot (right) Orlando, Florida

“This is the fourth one I’ve been to. No, [it’s] all good. I like that you aren’t doing the third night. I like that it’s back to two nights.”









Anne Carpenter Little Compton,Rhode Island

“More information on the Internet … I [found] it kind of by accident on television.”









Craig Chananie Little Falls, New Jersey

“More booths and more food choices, maybe … I think you guys could do a whole carnival in that area [like a county fair].”









Cathy Douglas, Big Sky, Montana

“More farmers at the market … It’s known as the farmer-less market … I can’t really think of anything else. It fills up my time.”