Those who love Clif energy bars now have more options to fill their cupboards. The company started in 1990 after Gary Erickson – Clif Bar founder and CEO – saw the need for a better tasting energy bar. Clif recently released two new flavors of their classic Clif Bar: Nut & Seeds and Berry Pomegranate Chia.

Berry Pomegranate Chia is a delicious blend of berries, oats, rice, and chia seeds. This bar will be a favorite for those who enjoy Clif’s Apricot or Blueberry Crisp flavors. Nuts & Seeds combines salty and sweet ingredients including peanut butter and almonds, as well as pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

These new flavors are sure to provide a pick-me-up during afternoon workdays or on a chairlift before your last run. These healthy flavors taste great and make you feel good, so throw some new Clif bars in your pack and find your next adventure. – Ersin Ozer

$1.79 per bar, $15 per case