On May 2, Montana bankruptcy Judge Ralph Kirscher issued an order that rescheduled the Lehman Brothers vs. Moonlight Basin Ranch trial (which was originally planned for late June 2011). The trial is now continued until October 2011.

“It was rescheduled to provide Lehman and Moonlight with more time for settlement,” said Russ McElyea, Moonlight’s Chief Operating Officer.

According to McElyea, Moonlight and Lehman both requested this extra time, and there was a motion to vacate filed April 29 requesting the court withdraw its previous order arranging the spring trial.

Moonlight attorneys are working with Lehman on a settlement, McElyea said, and they “need more time to have this discussion.”

The settlement shouldn’t impact Moonlight’s operations, he added. Moonlight is doing work on the mountain this summer and will be open for skiing next winter.