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Lone Peak

January 26, 20123 years ago

LPHS committee seeks progress, increased course load

After about six months in the position, House (and a three-person committee) has proposed changing the district name and redeveloping the high school curriculum. Read more
July 14, 20113 years ago

Bradley Gardner still missing

Matt Daugherty pulls up a topo map of Lone Mountain on his computer, and it’s covered in a thick maze of red lines from Lone Lake Cirque to Chippewa Ridge. Read more
February 9, 20114 years ago

Life in Ice: Glaciers on Lone Mountain?

Alaska. Antarctica. Svalbard. The European Alps. The Andes. These typical glacial settings often bring to mind landscapes characterized by smooth expanses of white, devoid of vegetation, and plentiful in ice. But how can Southwest Montana, a mid-latitude, cold but relatively dry area, be considered a glacial setting? Read more