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medical marijuana

February 20, 20132 years ago

2013 Montana legislative roundup - week 6

Highlighted issues from the session: "Dark money," physician assisted suicide, death penalty, medical marijuana, abortion and medicaid expansion Read more
October 23, 20122 years ago

Ballot initiatives to decide controversial issues

Abortion, illegal immigrants, health insurance, medical marijuana and corporate personhood are all scheduled to appear on the general election ballot this fall. Read more
May 25, 20122 years ago

Arguments in appeal of Marijuana Act to appear before state Supreme Court

The Montana Cannabis Industry Association and others have filed a lawsuit challenging the 2011 Montana Marijuana Act. Read more
September 14, 20113 years ago

Legislative committee discussing childhood hunger, Medicaid

Members of a legislative committee will hear on Monday about state programs and local efforts designed to provide food to children in need, Medicaid, and medical marijuana. Read more
July 14, 20113 years ago

Judge’s decision on medical marijuana caused confusion, halted changes

Judge Reynolds' decision means SB 423 didn't quite have the effect its sponsors may have liked, but it will mean less patients, more expensive medical marijuana cards and a cutback to the industry. Read more
July 1, 20113 years ago

Judge strikes down aspects of marijuana bill

Judge Reynolds struck down aspects of the bill, thereby allowing the medical marijuana industry in Montana to remain profitable. But SB 423, set to take effect tonight at midnight, brings some major setbacks to providers. Read more
March 15, 20114 years ago

Big Sky marijuana dispensary one of 26 raided--culmination of national investigation

26 criminal search warrants and four civil seizure warrants were executed Monday in Montana by the DEA. This was "the culmination of an 18-month multi-agency investigation into the drug trafficking activities of criminal enterprises operating throughout the State of Montana." Read more
March 14, 20114 years ago

DEA, FBI, local authorities enter Big Sky medical marijuana dispensary

Today, federal and local authorities entered a medical marijuana dispensary in the meadow area in Big Sky. The agents had a sealed search and seizure warrant. Read more