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September 7, 20113 years ago

MSU to dedicate new veterans center on Sept. 12

MSU's new Veterans Center, located in SUB 180, will be dedicated at 11 a.m. Sept. 12. Read more
September 6, 20113 years ago

MSU study finds that drinking mineralized water might provide health benefits

The study found that drinking mineral-based alkaline water, along with a supplement, is better for hydratation and causes higher pH levels. Consuming certain mineralized water may impart some health benefits. Read more
August 30, 20113 years ago

Free tickets for Maya Angelou MSU lecture available beginning Aug. 31

Tickets required for a free lecture by the poet, educator, playwright, activist, historian, actor, director and popular personality. Read more
August 23, 20113 years ago

Aron Ralston, one-armed adventurist, to speak at MSU

Listen to outdoor legend and acclaimed speaker on September 7 Read more
August 9, 20113 years ago

MSU team surprised by results of lung, mold study

The lung infection Aspergillus fumigatus is caused by mold found in hay, soils and compost piles. Read more
August 5, 20113 years ago

Maya Angelou to speak at MSU Sept. 13

Bestselling author and activist Maya Angelou will give a free public lecture at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 13. Read more
July 27, 20113 years ago

$1.8 million NASA grant helps parks prepare for climate and land use change

A new four-year project based at Montana State University in Bozeman will help Federal land managers administer changing landscapes. Read more
July 23, 20113 years ago

MSU students get NASA experience sending experiments to the edge of space

Two groups of MSU students launched research projects aboard a weather balloon that traveled to 100,000 feet on Thursday. The students were members of the BOREALIS Project and part of the NASA Exploration System Mission Directorate Higher Education Project. Read more
July 8, 20113 years ago

MSU to open Veteran Support Center this fall

MSU has announced plans to open a Veteran Support Center that will serve the nearly 500 students who are veterans. Read more