July 11, 2011 Posted by khelgeson in Explore, Health, Lifestyle
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Cravings, deconstructed

Adding healthier, balanced food choices to menus will curb the cravings for the foods we know aren’t the best


We all have cravings. They are not a major health concern, but they do affect our lives. Cravings are there for a reason, and they can lead to other health issues. By deconstructing our cravings we can better understand what our bodies need.

Whether we realize it or not, the body is always moving toward a state of homeostasis – or balance. What do you crave? Sweet, salty, spicy, creamy, cold, crunchy, hard, dry or moist? These are all hints as to what’s going on. Again, there are no accidents in what we’re craving. When and why? Notice the time of day and what’s going on in your life when you crave something. What you discover might surprise you.

The problem: Cravings can be repeated, non-nutritious choices, such as caffeine, sweets and processed snacks. They are a quick fix, hit the bloodstream hard, and over time do us damage both physiologically and emotionally. Most of us live on-the-go lifestyles, so it’s difficult to make healthy snack or meal choices when those cravings creep up.

The solution: Keep nutrient-dense, whole food choices on-hand. Balancing foods such as fruits, veggies, nuts/ seeds and leafy greens generally do not create cravings. They are complete on their own.

Making mindful nutritious choices will create healthy eating patterns and a good relationship with food. Slowing down to chew food makes a world of a difference. Remember, our bodies want to be in balance and run efficiently.

Victoria Bentley is the Owner and Director of Bentley Bodies, a premiere mind-body- wellness boutique committed to healthy lifestyle choices. Locations are in Big Sky and Bozeman. bentleybodies.net