December 13, 2011 Posted by khelgeson in Entertainment, Local, News, Youth
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Friends of Big Sky Education: ‘better school builds a better community’

By Anne Marie Mistretta FOBSE secretary

FOBSE engages in long-range projects to improve the school, and therefore, the community. The organization’s current major project, a capital campaign to raise $1.3 million to build the Warren Miller Performing Arts Center on the Ophir campus, continues the Big Sky tradition of the community-focused school.

Projected to open in late fall 2012, the performing arts center is designed to serve both the school and the community with superior acoustics for musical and dramatic performances as well as speeches. The mini-concert hall with its 300 cushioned stadium seats will be augmented by meeting room space and adjacent dining area and a restaurant-quality kitchen.

The arts center will be built entirely through donations. In the true Big Sky tradition, private, corporate and foundational giving is critical. FOBSE has raised one thrid of the funds already.

Other past and ongoing projects include providing scholarships for individual and group music lessons and to sponsoring local artistsin- residence at the school.

FOBSE also coordinated a fundraiser last summer, tallying over $100,000 for athletics and an activities bus. The group’s biggest initiative involved facilitating expansion of the school district to include Lone Peak High School.

Please visit to contribute to the performing arts center by “purchasing a seat.”