June 1, 2012 Posted by khelgeson in Business, Local
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New survey to gauge interest before tax appropriations

Big Sky Weekly Staff Writer

BIG SKY—In advance of the June 13 resort tax appropriations meeting at the Big Sky Chapel, a team with the Outlaw Partners is preparing a survey to gauge community interest in the applicants.

This year, 28 nonprofit groups applied for $3.5 million in funding for various projects throughout town. The tax board, a five-person volunteer group that works year round to understand how its funding works within the community, has had several meetings in advance of this year’s appropriations.

Kacey Brown, with the Outlaw Partners, is coordinating the survey. She says the aim is to get a good understanding of what the community would like to see happen at this year’s appropriations.

“Here is a wonderful opportunity for the Big Sky community to voice their opinions on how their tax dollars are appropriated,” Brown said.

“With so many important applicants, this will help us gauge what issues residents would like to see move to the forefront.”

The survey results should show how the community wants its money spent. The board estimates that $2.25 million will be available this year from the 3 percent resort tax collected from July 2011 through June 2012. That number would be slightly down from last year, when the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation held a conference in Big Sky last spring and boosted tax collections.

From funding lighting and plans for an entry monument at the intersection of Highway 191 and Route 64, to finishing the Warren Miller Performing Arts Center at Ophir School and paying for protection against noxious weeds in Big Sky, the Outlaw Partners wants to make sure the community voice is heard before the appropriations meeting this year.

Everyone is welcome to take the survey. Log on to http://www.explorebigsky.com/resort-tax-survey and fill it out to let your voice be heard before June 13.