March 23, 2011 Posted by khelgeson in Local, Youth
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Penny Wars at Ophir, LPHS

By Hatton Littman

Penny Wars is an annual fundraising campaign at Ophir School spearheaded by the Middle School Student Council. This fall, the 12-member council voted to send Penny Wars funds to the Central Asia Institute (CAI), which is based in Bozeman and works to build schools in remote Pakistan and Afghanistan.

From March 1-11, Big Sky’s Penny Wars became part of Pennies for Peace (P4P), a growing international campaign of over 11,000 schools and organizations that have raised over 535 million pennies.

Student Council President Trevor House said, “It introduces how other people in the world don’t have the lives that people in Big Sky do. It introduces new ways to give to people who aren’t as fortunate as people in our school are.”

Council Treasurer, Bella Butler, and Secretary, Dasha Bough, added,” It means a lot to those kids because they haven’t been given the same opportunities that we have. To be given this opportunity gives them more hope for the future. This shows those students that there are people who care about them and that they are appreciated.”

Traditionally, funds from Penny Wars were donated locally to Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter. This year’s fundraiser takes a more global approach and also connects the entire school with a cause linked to our curriculum. In primary grades, students are doing a reading Around the World program; the second grade class is sending coats, clothing and supplies to children in Afghanistan; the sixth graders are studying India in World Geography and the High School students study the entire Middle East in their Interdisciplinary Block 1 and 2.

Ophir School District is so pleased to receive the support of All Saints Fellowship, bringing the world into our classrooms.

Hatton Littman is the film/video teacher at Big Sky’s Ophir School and Lone Peak High School. She is also faculty advisor to the student council.