By Joseph T. O’Connor Mountain Outlaw magazine Managing Editor

What began as a desire to explore remote mountains changed on Super Bowl Sunday, 2012, after Henry Worobec suffered a knee injury skiing outside of Cooke City, Montana. The result, “Land of No Use,” is now on the big screen.

“I had a lot of time sitting around after surgery,” said Worobec, the nonprofit film’s creator who has been skiing in southwest Montana for the past decade. “I liked the adventure aspect of skiing and was studying maps and reading about Wilderness areas.”

This is not your average ski movie. Shot on location in many of Montana’s 77 named mountain ranges, “Land of No Use” traces the Wilderness debate through the eyes of local skiers. Using backcountry footage and interviewing people on both sides of the discussion, this film rides the spine between soulful ski film and poignant documentary.

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This story was first published in the winter 2015 issue of Mountain Outlaw magazine.