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Ulla Suokko shares insights into music, stories and transformation

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By Bay Stephens EBS Staff Writer

Finnish flutist, performer and transformational coach Ulla Suokko has serenaded crowds in the most renowned concert halls across the globe, having her start with the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra. She holds a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from The Juilliard School and calls Cusco, Perú, home.

Ticketholders will have the opportunity to hear her speak at TEDxBigSky on Saturday, Jan. 26, and to witness a live performance the following evening at the Warren Miller Performing Arts Center at 5 p.m.

EBS asked her a few questions to gain a glimpse into what is in store for Big Sky at these events.

Explore Big Sky: What role has music played in your life?

Ulla Suokko: Music is my life. I am music. In fact, we all are music in this beautiful, powerful, vibrational existence!

EBS: What led you to begin playing the flute?

U.S.: It was as if flute chose me. I really wanted to play any instrument, and my teacher suggested the flute. I said YES, and the rest is history.

EBS: When you perform, what affect do you hope to have on your audience?

U.S.: I love this question, because it is important to me. I invite the audience on a journey with me, to feel and to imagine. My programs are varied from classical to popular to ancestral music, with stories that are both wise and funny and reflect life back to the listener. Many times, people think that stories are for children, but they really are for all of us!

EBS: What does it mean to be a transformational coach?

U.S.: I facilitate change in peoples’ lives. I have been doing this for about 20 years and love it. My work is very intuitive, so while I have studied many modalities and effective ways of life transformation, the exact combination of the tools and the way to use them with any individual will only unfold as we journey together. It is such a joy to see the expansion and true transformation in my clients. By true transformation I mean a shift in thoughts, habits and life experiences.

EBS: Why did you choose to live in Perú?

U.S.: Perú [has called] me since I was a child, I didn’t know why and to what extent, until I went there, and then I felt deeply at home. I [will] touch upon this in my TEDx talk.

EBS: How has living in Cusco, Perú, influenced your work?

U.S.: Quite a bit. I feel the living energy of the Andes Mountains. You can relate to that in Montana! I take a lot of time to be in nature, to hike in the mountains, but also make a point to go to the Pacific Ocean on the coast and play with the energies of the ocean.

EBS: What are some themes that you will touch on during your talk at TEDxBigSky?

U.S.: My talk is [titled] “Do you See the Signs of The Universe?” I feel it is important to be present and to pay attention moment to moment so that we can actually move from drifting to directing our own life. In my talk I walk the audience through some personal stories, where the listener can determine if a sign was given and perhaps be inspired to see more [within] their hearts.

EBS: What can Big Sky audiences look forward to in your performance the Sunday after TEDxBigSky?

U.S.: The performance will be a multimedia musical storytelling event. I am looking forward to sharing my heart with the people of Big Sky! It is not about me, it is about all of us creating magic together.

Visit for tickets to Ulla Suokko’s Sunday, Jan. 27, performance. TEDxBigSky is sold out.

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