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Town Center recently banned food trucks except during Wednesday night Farmers Markets and Thursday night concerts, since food trucks don’t pay TCOA dues like other restaurants. Should food trucks be allowed in Town Center at all times? Why or why not?


Tim Pagast, Gallatin Gateway, Mont.
Owner, Adaptation Food Truck

“In front of the Hungry Moose, no. But if we’re invited in, then yes. If the business paying rent wants you in front of them, then why not? But I totally respect that the businesses have a high overhead and that’s their spot. I would never set up in front of another restaurant.”


jake_heckman_01Jake Heckman, Horseshoe Hills, Mont.
Metal Sculptor

“Heck yeah! If I could have one in my front yard, I’d invite them every day. Personally, if I walk past a food truck and I smell something good, I’m going to eat it. It’s more convenient than going to a restaurant. Those guys are working just as hard as the rest of us to make a living. They have faster service and better pricing.”



Mark Sinclair, Belgrade, Mont.
Owner, Sinclair’s Bakery

“I don’t sell as a normal food truck since it’s stuff I prepare way in advance … I [also] have a regular retail license and a wholesale license. I just do the Big Sky Farmers Market and the Saturday Farmers Market in Bozeman … I actually would be upset if I owned a restaurant and a food truck set up outside of it, so I can see that reasoning.

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