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2019 Gift & Gear Guide


Grizzly Outfitters Ski & Backcountry Sports

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11 Lone Peak Drive #101, Big Sky  |  |  406-995-2939

Ace Hardware Big Sky

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1565 Lone Mountain Trail, Big Sky  |  |  406-995-4500

North Bridger Bison

Tucked up against the North Bridger Mountains north of Bozeman in the Shields Valley, the North Bridger Bison Ranch provides legitimately local, grassfed, grass-finished, humanely field-harvested bison meat. Started by Matt and Sarah Skoglund and their two young children in 2018, North Bridger Bison is a truly game-changing arrival for local and sustainable food. Their bison live outside, year-round, grazing a diverse array of grasses and forbs on the ranch.

And when it comes time for harvesting an animal for meat, the Skoglunds don’t ship their animals to a far-away slaughterhouse. Instead, they field-harvest their bison on the ranch in the pasture the bison are currently grazing. No stress for the animal, no stress in the meat. The result? Bison meat that is truly as delicious, tender, and healthy as you’ll ever taste. It’s simply on another level. Buy local, eat local, do your body and your taste buds a favor and reserve your quarter of North Bridger Bison meat today.


North Bridger Bison currently sells “bison quarters” direct to customers, and they offer two different cut options: the Montana Cut and the Big Sky Cut. Both cut options include your classic ribeyes, t-bones, porterhouses, top sirloin steaks, and ground bison (which has nothing added and is 100% from your North Bridger Bison animal). The difference between the two is that the Big Sky Cut includes a round roast and a rump roast and less ground bison, whereas the Montana Cut includes more ground bison and no roasts. You can’t go wrong with either!

Once you reserve your quarter on the North Bridger Bison website, the Skoglunds take care of everything for you, including free delivery to the Big Sky area, and they include you in the process along the way – sending photos, e-mails, etc. – as connecting people to where their food comes from is part of their mission.

Big Sky has been yearning for something like this for a while, and the Skoglund family and North Bridger Bison are a wonderful and unique addition to our local food options. Reserve your quarter today!

Reserve your quarter online:

Cast Iron Seared Local Bison Ribeye With Brussels Sprouts & Homestyle Mashed Potatoes

Serves Four

Two North Bridger Bison Ribeye Steaks
Brussels Sprouts
Red Skin Potatoes


  • 1. Allow the ribeyes to come to room temperature and dry them thoroughly with paper towels (this makes for a better sear).
  • 2. Slice the Brussels sprouts lengthwise and begin sautéing in a pan. You can add a little white wine and garlic, but make sure you cook the wine off so you can brown and caramelize the outside of the sprouts.
  • 3. With the skin on, cut the potatoes into small chunks and then add to a pot of cold water. Turn the pot on and bring to a boil.
  • 4. Begin heating a cast iron skillet.
  • 5. Once the potatoes are tender (test with a fork), drain them, return them to the pot, add a generous amount of butter, milk, salt, and pepper, and mash them by hand. Do not use an electric mixer; let them be a little chunky.
  • 6. When the cast iron skillet is hot, add some oil. The oil should smoke. Generously salt and pepper both sides of the ribeyes and place them in the skillet. Sear each side for two minutes.
  • 7. Remove the ribeyes from the skillet when they are just below medium rare. Place them on a wire cooling rack over a plate and let them rest for 5-10 minutes.
  • 8. Slice the ribeyes – and put the meat, potatoes, and sprouts on plates and enjoy!

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Wilsall, Montana  |  |  406-223-1950


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99 Town Center Ave, Big Sky  |  |  406-582-0416

Shelly Bermont Fine Jewelry

Your shopping journey begins at Shelly Bermont Fine Jewelry located in Big Sky’s Meadow Village Center, where you will find pieces fitting for everyone’s budget. Like Big Sky, the store offers a lovely variety, something for everyone. Shelly and her staff make each visitor feel welcome and help her (or him!) discover what works, both design- and price-wise.

The store itself is warm and inviting. Its cases offer a tempting array of Shelly’s artistry: everything from sparkling diamonds and precious metals to rare turquoise and other earthy exotics in every hue imaginable. Although she loves them all, her specialty is working with Tahitian and South Sea pearls. From classic strands to more casual pieces knotted on unique shades of leather, she has become the go-to for all things pearl.

Visit Shelly Bermont Fine Jewelry, Monday through Saturday 11am to 6pm, or schedule an appointment or party for a private showing.

Reach the team at (406) 995 7833 or

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32 Market Pl Suite 2, Big Sky  |  |  406-995-7833


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618 N Wallace Ave, Bozeman  |  |  406-586-5593

Lotus Pad

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47 Town Center Ave D1, Big Sky  |  |  406-995-2728

Fay Ranches

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395 Gallatin Park Dr, Bozeman  |  |  406-586-4001

Antlers Clothing Company

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33 Lone Peak Drive, Big Sky |  |  406-995-2196


Otis Outside

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Oxygen Plus

Oxygen Plus offers portable supplemental oxygen in three sizes: the O+ Mini, O+ Skinni and O+ Biggi. Containing 99.5 percent oxygen-enriched air, the O+ Biggi holds more than 220 breaths, the O+ Skinni holds more than 50, and the O+ Mini will give you at least 20.

Whether you’re flying to Montana from sea level to enjoy Big Sky Resort’s plethora of ski terrain or logging tram laps; looking for an extra boost at the office after your morning coffee wears off; or recovering recovering from a late night out, three to five inhalations of the aerosol-like canister will turn your day around.

The product is for more than just altitude and beneficial to everyone. If you do live in the mountains full time, consider throwing an O+ Mini can in your pack for the next backcountry ski tour. While your buddies are heaving after skinning up 2,000 feet of vertical, a few blasts of oxygen will give them the impression you spent all off-season in training.

Prices vary based on size,

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Crooked Fox Whiskey

Crooked Fox is the recipient of multiple awards, and most recently the 2019 Gold Medal Winner of Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America’s tasting competition. Try one glass of this bourbon and it isn’t hard to see why.

This bourbon whiskey has a smooth finish and an amazing flavor that goes down light and can be sipped on the rocks or mixed. The flavor is such a good balance of smoked maple, vanilla, nutmeg and oak, that it also works well for flavoring in holiday dessert recipes that call for boozy ingredients.

Crooked Fox is best enjoyed as a sipping whiskey and you will taste the distiller’s dedication to selecting only the best barrels to be bottled after it is matured in wooden casks.

Whether you are you looking for a gift for the whiskey connoisseur, or for a favor to bring to your holiday parties; Crooked Fox is the perfect spirit to add to your gift-shopping or personal wish list.

Check your local liquor store for availability and pricing,

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Natalie’s Estate

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Generation Jets

Ascent Club Membership

Perfect for executives and leisure travelers who want to get to their destination in style, on time and without the hassle of commercial airline travel. By purchasing this jet card, you buy airtime for the traveler on your list and they can use the flight hours as they need them. Generation Jets is the leading private aviation provider in the Northwest and offers a boutique, luxury travel experience for even the most discerning frequent flyers.

Prices vary,

Boundary Expeditions

Middle Fork of the Salmon River – Idaho

For the adventure seeker on your list, a trip with Boundary Expeditions on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River is a once in a lifetime experience, a bucket list item for many! This first class whitewater float trip, known for its scenic beauty and crystal clear water offers opportunities for fishing, hiking, hot springs and more. The trip includes high end camp accommodations, all meals, world class fly fishing, hiking, unrivaled scenic views and a lifetime of memories.


Yellowstone Vacations

Winter Early Bird Package

Exploring Yellowstone National Park on a snowmobile is an experience unlike any other. For the thrill seeker on your list, this package provides you with everything you need for the adventure of your life! Experience the majestic scenery & wildlife, all while feeling like you have the whole Park to yourself.

This package includes lodging at one of our West Yellowstone hotels or cabins, and a guided Snowmobile Tour to Old Faithful!

Rates starting at $520,

These packages are available to book until December 31, 2019 and you must call our Package Sales Agent to book: 406.646.7310.