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406 Forum: Best and worst part of belonging to an HOA



The Big Sky Owners Association recently held their annual member meeting. What’s the best and worst part of belonging to an HOA?


Margo Magnant
Big Sky, Montana

“The best part of being in an HOA is all of the stuff that they take care of for me like shoveling and snow plowing. They also clean out my gutters and clean my fireplace once a year, which is really important to me. The worst part is probably the additional money every couple months that we have to pay. But for me it’s mostly worth it.”


Bayard Dominick
Big Sky, Montana

“I think the best part of living in an HOA is that the HOA is responsible for managing the upkeep and the maintenance of the neighborhood so it takes some of the burden off individual homeowners in terms of making sure the neighborhood stays nice. The downside of living in the neighborhood is sometimes they don’t like me having my drift boat parked in the driveway and they want me to move it after three days and it would be nice if I had a little more flexibility.”


Ben Coleman
BigSky, Montana

“The best part about being in a home owners’ association is that they’re going to help maintain the value of your property collectively. The worst thing: your neighbors may not let you do what you want to do.”



Mary Carlson
Lakewood, Colorado

“You’ve got to have a management company and people that are watching the grounds that are making sure if there’s a problem that it’s taken care of. They manage the pool; they get the roads plowed—all that stuff. Although I think it’s pricey, it’s just what we got to have.”

Joseph T. O'Connor is the previous Editor-in-Chief for EBS newspaper and Mountain Outlaw magazine.

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