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Yoga on the deck at Moonlight
By Emily Stifler Managing Editor

MOONLIGHT BASIN – Delilah Eakman set an intention before starting her Monday morning yoga class on the deck at Moonlight Lodge: “understanding your own happiness.” Your happiness, she said, is your responsibility.

The class of 13 was spread out on yoga mats along the sun-shade line on the broad deck, a mix of locals, tourists and Moonlight homeowners. The ski trail next to the deck was covered in green summer grass, and the Challenger chairlift arched against the skyline 1,000 feet above the lodge.

Eakman led a the group in a coordinated warm up breath, stretching tall, then bending at the waist and breathing loudly as they released their arms to their mats.

“We’re responsible for the feelings in our own bodies,” Eakman said. “You’re responsible for the feeling you’re having today on this mat… Just be how [you] are today, accepting [yourself].”

A marmot chirped 100 feet away, perched on its haunches on the rocks above the pond.

Next, Eakman led a series of gentle poses, explaining the proper alignment for each. A light breeze floated across the deck, and the sun warmed the morning air as the class moved through sun salutations, mountain pose, then half-moon, forward bend, standing squat, warrior one, tree pose and knee down twist.

The class that morning was like a satisfying yawn, a stretch, and a deep breath that said ‘I’m glad to be alive.’

To close the practice, she had the group lie on their backs in shavasana, covered in blankets for 10 minutes, then passed out cards with quotes from yogi Amrit Desai, her teacher. The group read aloud about communication, love, service, difficulties and acceptance.

One of the attendees that morning, Laura Maiocco, lives in Crystal Beach, Fla. and owns a Powder Ridge cabin at Moonlight. Maiocco has come to Eakman’s classes on and off for six years.

“My favorite thing is the setting, the weather, the view,” Maiocco said. “I come to feel great the rest of the day. It can’t get much better than this.”

Eakman couldn’t agree more. “Teaching yoga is my greatest joy,” she said. “I can see the peace it brings to others.”

“To know that in some way I’m able to bring deeper relaxation to others—that’s what my yogi [Amrit Desai] taught me.”


Delilah Eakman teaches relaxing Amrit Yoga on the deck at the Moonlight Lodge every Monday and Friday morning during the summer, from 9:30 – 10:30 a.m. The classes are a gentle a mix of stretching and balance poses, focused on relaxation.

“We’re so busy today doing and going, instead of being,” Eakman says. “This class gives you an opportunity to stop and just be.”

A 500 Yoga Alliance certified instructor, Eakman has lived full time in Big Sky for 13 years and has been teaching on the deck at the Moonlight Lodge for seven. She strives to tailor each class to the needs of her students.

Yoga mats, blocks, straps and blankets are all provided. For more information, visit or call (406) 993-6000.

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