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Brad Gardner search: Skis found in Lone Lake Cirque



Weekly Staff

July 19, 2011

The search for Brad Gardner, the skier that was lost while skiing on Lone Mountain, today found a clue that drastically narrows his whereabouts.

His father, Ed Gardner, and another Big Sky man, Brad’s friend, formed their own search crew to look for Brad after he went missing in early March while skiing alone at either Moonlight Basin or Big Sky ski resorts.

The search crew found Brad’s skis in a remaining snow patch in Lone Lake Cirque, located west of the Big Sky tram.

Ed’s search team, operating apart from the Madison and Gallatin Search and Rescue teams, found what they believed were Brad’s poles in the cirque last week. They were mismatched, but Ed was certain Brad was using them the day he went missing.

Wednesday’s finding leaves little doubt that Brad’s body is in the remaining six feet of snow in the cirque below an 80-foot cliff. Search and Rescue teams are going to the area on Saturday with dogs to continue searching for Brad’s body.

Check for updates on the search.

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