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From Jackie with love: Don’t miss the Food Revolution Summit

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By Jackie Rainford Corcoran EBS Health Columnist

Do you want any of the following questions answered?

  • Why is heart disease still the No. 1 killer when studies show that you can be virtually heart-attack proof without drugs, surgery or excessive exercise?
  • Since scientists have linked 70-90 percent of all cancers to dietary and environmental factors, what foods should you eat every day to fight cancer?
  • What’s the truth about grass-fed beef and “humanely raised” animal products? Are they really better for you or are they overpriced hype?
  • How can you be a positive influence on the people you love? How can you get your family to eat healthfully instead of looking at you like a nut?
  • What foods cause weight loss without restrictive dieting?
  • Why do some vegetarians thrive while others become sick?
  • If you want to get informed, please set time aside April 29 to May 7 to watch The Food Revolution Summit. Author John Robbins and his son Ocean have put together a powerful lineup of interviews with 24 thought leaders in the field of nutrition and well-being.

Throughout the summit, you can listen to several hours of presentations as they are broadcast, or tune in for the 21-hour replay. If this timing doesn’t work for you, you can also purchase video of the presentations and watch them at your convenience.

My favorite guests and topics include William Li, M.D., who will discuss “How to Eat to Beat Cancer”; David Perlmutter, M.D., and his talk titled, “Stunning New Science on the Gut-Brain Connection”; and Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D., on “How to Get Happy, Thin, and Free.”

According to the Food Revolution Summit team:

  • Half of the people in the U.S. who reach the age of 85 develop Alzheimer’s disease. Studies show the typical American diet triples your risk of developing Alzheimer’s.
  • Studies have linked genetically modified organisms to toxic and allergic reactions in people, sickness and sterility, and damage to virtually every organ studied in lab animals.
  • Toxic pesticides developed as agents of war and linked to cancer, sterility and birth defects are routinely poured on farmland and traces of them wind up in the food you eat.

John Robbins’ story is fascinating. He was heir to the Baskin-Robbins ice cream empire. After his uncle, Burt Baskin, died of a heart attack at age 54, Robbins’ father told him it was time to start running the family business. Robbins, believing that Baskin-Robbins was hurting and not helping the health of Americans, declined the offer and any money that came with it. He and his wife made the conscious decision to create a life focused on health. He took it upon himself to share his story, expose the harmful practices of our current food supply, and teach others how to transform the health of our country. He is a hero in my book.

Please carve out time to watch as much of the summit as possible. These educational and inspirational interviews will strengthen the foundation of the rich, healthy life you deserve.

Visit to receive free access to the summit or to purchase videos of the presentations.

Jackie Rainford Corcoran is an IIN Certified Holistic Health Coach, culture consultant and public speaker. Contact her at

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