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New owner will renovate Downtown Bozeman building

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Major renovations are planned for the Downtown Bozeman building housing U.S. Bank which currently sits on the corner of South Black Avenue and Main Street. The renovation planned by new owner Randy Scully, owner of ScullyWest Properties, will span the next few years.

The large five-story stands out among Bozeman’s historic downtown as an eye sore. The renovations will remove the current aggregate and sunshades to reveal the beautifully designed building, unveiling grand arch windows and classic limestone and brick on the exterior. The building is one of famed local architect Fred Willson’s masterpieces.

“I think, in the end, we’ve talked about peeling off the things that were placed on over the past 100 years, but mostly in the 1970s, it’s going to take it back to being a landmark building on Main Street,” Henri Foch, an architect working on the project, told the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. “Right now it’s part of the downtown fabric and it’s something that you see everyday, but it’s a landmark for the wrong reasons.”

In addition to the exterior remodeling, Scully has plans to relocate the drive-up ATM, add another elevator and stairway and create entrances off Main Street.

Major exterior improvements are planned to begin next spring.

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