With hundreds of ski resorts in the country, why did you choose to vacation in Big Sky this year?
Ronni Poore, Helena, Mont.
(at left)

“It’s a tradition that [my mom, aunt and I come here] every year for the first week of January. It’s the best in the country, it’s the biggest in the country … [There are] tons of runs and not a lot of lift lines.”

Syd Eubanks, Sitka, Alaska.
Construction Worker

“We’re here for a wedding, so it was kind of chosen for me, but it’s nice. I’ve worked and lived in a few mountain towns [like] Park City and Jackson.

Follow up question: How does Big Sky compare?
I think Jackson’s a lot steeper and Park City is a little more centralized, as far as the town goes. From what I’ve seen, [Big Sky’s] facilities – shops and restaurants – seem really nice.”

Rush Darnelle, Montgomery, Ala.
Robot Technician, Hyundai-Mobis

“Variety. You can go down something that’s going to kill you or something that you’re mad you went down because it’s too slow … You never get hit by anybody unless you’re in the way.”