Montana is one of four states with medical marijuana on the ballot this November.

What’s your take on expanding access to medical marijuana in Montana?

406_forum_lindsay_douglasLindsay Douglas Big Sky, Montana

“I would really love to see a recreational initiative get on the ballot, but I’m definitely happy with any medical initiatives that will keep the medicine in the patients’ hands. Patients need that … What I definitely don’t want to see is pharmaceutical companies to get control of the plant because that could be deadly … Historically what they do is synthesize cannabis or try to isolate different cannabinoids … and not only do [synthesized cannabinoids] kill people, but they have different effects.”



Tayler Christopoulos Bozeman, Montana

“I think it’s safer than pharmaceuticals … I think they should tax the hell out of it and get [Montana] out of debt. Colorado and Washington got so much money out of taxing it.”





406_forum_robert_harnedRobert Harned Manhattan, Montana

“Here’s the question … How does a [marijuana user’s] personal life overlap with their career? … How do I, as a business owner, put that guy behind the wheel? [If] there’s an accident and they’re tested [and marijuana shows up] it’s going to limit his options moving forward because of how it’s filed.”




406_forum_cassandra_greenCassandra Green West Yellowstone, Montana

“I’m not 100 percent sure what’s happening, mostly because I’ve been gone for awhile. I think it should be more open, easier access. I know people who need it and now they can’t get it.”