Gallatin County recently hosted a wildfire expo to address preparedness in the county’s growing wildland-urban interface.

Do you feel Big Sky is adequately prepared for a large wildfire?

Follow-up: Why or why not?

John Derby, Big Sky

“I think it’s a huge deal when things burn. They haven’t really burned in a while … I see some tin roofs around here—it looks like some people know what they’re doing. The houses here have nice natural fire breaks [clear of vegetation], it feels like.”






Chris Hill, Big Sky

“It depends … Certain sections with homes in wooded areas [are at risk.] [Firefighters] might not be able to save some homes.”





Zach Wolfe, Big Sky

“I think that Big Sky would be prepared for it. Since I’ve lived here this last year, the fire department seems to be on top of emergencies. I always see them training.”