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Boxed Water aims to dent US plastic-bottle binge



By Tyler Allen Explore Big Sky Senior Editor

More than 60 million plastic bottles are thrown away in the U.S. every day, and Americans buy an estimated 42.6 billion single-serving plastic water bottles each year.

Boxed Water is Better, a Grand Rapids, Mich. company, is trying to make a dent in those staggering figures. Its 16.9-ounce water cartons are composed of 76 percent tree pulp and are BPA free. It uses reverse osmosis and carbon-filtered, purified drinking water from a municipal source at its filling plant, and intends to establish filling locations near major metro areas as the company grows, shipping the containers flat to reduce its carbon footprint.

The containers are only recyclable at special carton recycling facilities – there are none in southwest Montana yet – but the boxes are easily flattened, taking up minimal room in your garbage can. Boxed Water is Better donates 10 percent of its profits to world water relief projects, and an additional 10 percent to reforestation foundations.

The small boxes are easy to grab and go when you forget your refillable water bottle, your tap water is unpalatable, or as an alternative to the daily plastic-bottle binge.

Boxed Water is Better is available at Town & Country in Bozeman. Visit to find out more or to order a case.

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