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What is a bad habit we have today that we’ll be surprised by in 20 years?


Rachel_BoutsikarisRachel Boutsikaris, Big Sky, Mont.
Personal banker, Big Sky Western Bank

“I’d say definitely technology. Yes, it’s helped our lives but it’s also inhibited us. It’s sort of that double-edged sword. Socially, we interact less. Rather than stopping at a gas station to ask for directions or look around at our surroundings to find out where we are, we’re glued to a screen.”


Phillip_KedrowskiPhilip Kedrowski, Gallatin Canyon, Mont.
Owner, Red Leaf Engineering

“Driving the huge trucks that I’m also guilty of – consuming way more than our fair share of fossil fuels.”


Dana_DunawayDana Dunaway, Three Forks, Mont.
General contractor, Dunaway Development

“I don’t think we’ll be doing this: holding cell phones up to our heads, because 20 years ago, very few people had them. Now everyone has one. There will be something else.”

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