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As July Fourth approaches, we’re asking people to reflect on the idea of independence. What does independence mean to you?


IMG_7124Darrell Manning, Big Sky, Mont.
Head Bike Tech, Gallatin Alpine Sports

“Independence is everything. It’s why we’re able to live the way we live, cross borders from state to state without restrictions, [and] speak our mind. Unfortunately, sometimes we have to listen to others speak theirs. But yeah, freedom means a lot.”



IMG_7125Brooke Botha, Sunset Beach, Hawaii
Ascending ninth grader at Mililani High School

“Being free and being able to do stuff on your own … ”




IMG_7126Chris Laucks, Shrewsbury, Mass.
Senior Vice President, Pioneer Investments

“At a high level it means being able to do what you want to do, within certain boundaries … I think it’s the kind of thing, probably, I’ve very much taken for granted but I would really miss if it was gone.”

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