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Traffic on Montana Highway 64 and Highway 191 has increased dramatically. What is the most frightening thing you’ve encountered driving to, or in, Big Sky?


Adam Priquette, Manhattan, Mont.
Driver, Karst Stage

“[Just after a light snowfall, Highway 191] had been wet and the truck in front of me, a Toyota 4Runner, rolled into a rock wall about a mile south of the House Rock turnoff. I think she got to a spot where the road was shaded and slick, and she didn’t realize it, and lost control of the vehicle … That’s just one of numerous [accidents] – I’ve seen so many.”



Lucas Westblade, Big Sky, Mont.
Youth Minister, Young Life

“[On Dec. 19] I saw one just north of Karst. I think a truck overcorrected going around that corner. Thankfully no one was hurt … I think early in the winter people forget how to drive and you have lots of tourists who maybe haven’t driven in the winter.”



Paul Swenson, Big Sky, Mont.
Lone Peak High School Teacher

“[On Dec. 19], I saw three wrecks on the way down to Bozeman, between the Conoco and House Rock, in an hour span. One car went clear across the other lane and off into the field.”

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