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In 2016 Gallatin County Search and Rescue responded to 132 incidents.

When you recreate in the backcountry, what is something you always do or bring to make sure you’re prepared? Why?

Cameron Lawrence Cameron Lawrence
Big Sky, Montana

“[I] always try to have a first aid kit, a hat, a good shell, and prior to going in, I always try to have a good idea of where I’m going. I periodically think about how I would get out [of a situation]. If something goes down, how would I get out?”




Cassandra Werner Cassandra Werner
Big Sky, Montana

“I always carry a pack to have [extra] layers … the weather changes so quickly out here. My ski pack goes with me even in the summer.”




IMG_3818Jody Dan
Chicago, Illinois

“I always have my bear spray and water, to keep away the bears and prevent dehydration. And I have a little first aid kit.”





Travis GarrisonTravis Garrison
Abingdon, Virginia

“Usually it is white water for me, so basic safety gear… [personal flotation devices], helmets … a basic first aid kit. Water and snacks in case you wind up spending more time than you were expecting.”

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