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406 Forum: Dec. 21, 2018

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The holiday season is about reconnecting with family and close friends. What are the best ways to relax and enjoy quality time with loved ones over the holidays?


Shannon Sears
Big Sky, Montana

“Well, I convinced my family to relocate to Montana from Texas. So we usually spend quality time over the holidays sitting together by the fire, telling good stories, drinking my dad’s famous spiked eggnog, dogs underfoot of course. I don’t mind if you include ‘spiked.’ But, yes, all the family pets need to be there.”



Sophie Walder
Big Sky, Montana

“I grew up in the South and my family still lives there. For the past couple of years we haven’t seen each other over the holidays. I think of it as a time for me to work hard and play hard. Town is busy, so I work and try to make money. But the times I hunker down and spend with friends are all the more special. I focus on my art over the holidays. And I make Christmas trees too, but don’t print that.”



Kelly Scherfig
Big Sky, Montana

“You came to the right man. I suggest perhaps a sleigh ride at Lone Mountain Ranch. Great prime rib. Dog sledding at Moonlight [Basin] is dope too. Or maybe just rent some skates at Grizzly Outfitters and try out the new-and-improved ice rink in Town Center. This is all free advice, by the way.”



Erin Mulhern
Big Sky, Montana

“Tell everyone you love why you love them. You need to get outside and do something together. Round that out with a cold beer at a pub and you can’t go wrong. Do you have to take my picture?”

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