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406 Forum: Fire Prevention Week

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Oct. 3-9, 2021 is National Fire Prevention Week. The week is dedicated to educating fire prevention skills. Established in 1925 by President Calvin Coolidge, the week is a reminder of the Great Chicago Fire that began Oct. 8, 1871. The Big Sky Fire Department is educating fire prevention awareness throughout the month of October, helping our community stay safe and be better prepared for future fires.

Question: The Big Sky Fire Department is recognizing fire prevention awareness during the month of October. How can the Big Sky community be proactive in managing fire risk?

Seth Nowlin, BSFD firefighter/EMT

“You should ensure that your home and neighborhood have legible and clearly marked street names and numbers. We recommend using reflective or metal materials.”

Travis DuBois, BSFD firefighter

“You need to make sure that in your home you keep pathways like hallways lit with night lights and free of clutter to make sure everyone can get out safely. Plan your escape route that you have talked about beforehand, and at times, practice a home fire drill. It’s also important to choose an outside meeting place where if you have to leave your house, you go to. Finally, test your smoke alarms regularly.”

Dan Skilling, BSFD firefighter/paramedic

“We need to become a fire-adaptive community. That means taking actions to reduce your wildfire risks so you can safely accept wildfires as a part of the surrounding landscape—that means limiting trees around your house and making sure that your area has defensible spacing for wildfires.”

Jay Van Voast, BSFD firefighter/EMT

“We need to work together in our neighborhoods to reduce wildfire risk. Create an evacuation plan and know two ways out of your neighborhood. Always evacuate if you feel it’s unsafe to stay; don’t wait to receive an emergency notification if you feel threatened from any fire or natural event.”

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