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406 Forum: Health Insurance Solutions

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In the five years since the Affordable Care Act was enacted, more than 16 million Americans now have health insurance. The presidential candidates are split: one wants to expand it, the other would scrap it completely. With insurance premiums forecast to rise dramatically next year, what’s the solution?

kara_blodgettKara Blodgett Gallatin Gateway, Montana

“I don’t think the government should be involved in our healthcare. I appreciate the government trying to facilitate us all being part of the healthcare system, but I don’t think it’s worked.”





david_lightDavid Light Bremen, Maine

“Put a leash on the pharmaceutical companies and the insurance companies. Making them compete is not the answer because they’re in bed together to some extent … just like the airlines.”





adam-goguenAdam Goguen Big Sky, Montana

“I think that the United States government should have nothing to do with your healthcare. It says in our Constitution [for our government] to provide defense and promote welfare, never to provide it … If we wanted insurance you’d have it, but now we have to pay for it … Now we all owe money even if we don’t want it.”




samantha_weiffenbachSamantha Weiffenbach Big Sky, Montana

“I’ve always been fortunate enough that my health insurance has always been provided by my employers. I think it’s unfortunate we have one candidate that completely wants to scrap [the Affordable Care Act], when a lot of people benefit from it. But not being a business owner myself, I don’t truly know the cost to business owners. I think if Hillary can expand it in a way that pleases more business owners it’s a good thing.”

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