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406 Forum: March 15, 2019



March 20 marks the Spring Equinox, when the sun is positioned directly above the equator, making day and night approximately the same length. Given its arrival, which divides the winter and summer seasons, which season do you like better and why?

Nicolas Carmona

Big Sky

“I like the summer more. I hate the cold. The snow is pretty new for me—it’s actually the first time I’ve ever lived with snow. The heat, the hot weather, going to the pool…I miss that. They remind me of home in Lima, Peru.”


José Valle

Big Sky

“I really love the winter and the snow. Now that the snow is beginning to melt, I don’t really like it so much.”



Jzendra Cozzens


“I like the in-between season period, when there’s snow on the ground, but there’s still some warm sunshine during the day. I love it.”



Stephanie Fisher

Saratoga Springs, New York

“I would say my favorite season is summer, mostly for the extra added daylight hours. I feel like you can get a lot more activities in after work like summer grilling, running and golf.”

Joseph T. O'Connor is the previous Editor-in-Chief for EBS newspaper and Mountain Outlaw magazine.

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