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406 Forum: Oct. 26, 2018



What resources do you use to keep informed about the upcoming elections?


David Scott
New York City, NYC

“I read lots of newspapers. I follow lots of people on Twitter. I watch cable news and I talk to a lot of people about politics. I’m a bit of a political junkie.”




Deirdre Devaney
New York City, NYC

“My answer would be the same [as David], except I’m not on Twitter.”





Cameron Sharp
Big Sky, Montana

“So lately, I’ve seen the most political advertisements from Facebook or Hulu. The internet is my short answer. But I’m from Alabama and still registered to vote there, so I pay attention to the candidates and issues there. I don’t like to stray too far to either side, so I read reputable sources like the Washington Post or USA Today but not Fox, MSNBC, or the Huffington Post because they lean too far to one side for me.”



Nicole Jones
Big Sky, Montana

“All kinds of stuff. HBO. There is a series called Pod Saves America where they go around to the states that will matter the most in the upcoming elections: North Dakota, Texas, Florida and dive deep into the issues and what’s really at stake. Regionally, the Secretary of State Corey Stapleton released some information about the upcoming election in Montana. I send that to my friends who say they don’t vote. Everybody should vote.”

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