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406 Forum: recreation survey



The results of an independent survey released by BSCO suggest that Big Sky residents would like to see a continued expansion and improvement of our walking and cycling trails, followed by a community recreation center, an amphitheater and increased river access.

Which of these would you most like to see in Big Sky and why?








Steven Abel
Big Sky, Montana

“Increased bike trails, city trails. I’d say that’s what attracts me most. A recreation center would be cool too.”








Will Green
Bozeman, Montana

“Definitely biking. Biking paths, biking everything. I’m probably biased because I don’t own a car, but Big Sky is big enough, it should have [biking trails].”









Sara Meredith
Big Sky, Montana

“A recreation center and a pool. I grew up swimming and think it’s a great exercise. Also, I think a lot of kids around here don’t know how to swim. … You don’t want to grow up and not know how to swim.”


Kara Blodgett
Big Sky, Montana

“A swim center. I have kids that go to Ophir School and before one of their friends moved here they swam competitively. There’s really no place that they can do that here. I think that it is something that could be widely used for exercise and everything else.”

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