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Enriching Lives Through Timeless and Elegant Design

Whether it’s a custom home, a new restaurant or commercial space, Abby Hetherington Interiors’ projects are an imaginative breath of fresh air. Starting with their clients’ visions, a little nurturing, and guidance borne of long experience and innate ability, the design team morphs boring spaces into designs that exceed clients’ wildest expectations.

Attention to detail and a unique aesthetic make AHI a highly sought after firm nationwide. AHI designs have been featured in numerous publications including Country Living, Mountain Living, Western Art and Architecture, Big Sky Journal and Cowboys & Indians.

Interior design by Abby Hetherington Interiors. PHOTOS BY WHITNEY KAMMANS.

“Design isn’t about a formula. It’s more a focus on what our clients want to do in their spaces and how they utilize it,” Hetherington says. “The more my clients trust us, the more successful the project is.”

The Abby Hetherington Interiors team believes in the power of great design. They share their passion for the sophisticated, the delightfully unexpected, and making the old new again. It’s apparent in their work that their mission is to inspire and enrich their clients’ lives through timeless and elegant design.

[quote align=’left’]Expert Advice: “Don’t fall into fads. Start with the basics and add layers from there,” Hetherington says. “Eclectic pieces can be interspersed to keep the eye moving and interested in the room. Aesthetic tastes change and evolve, so invest in staple pieces that can endure the test of time.”[/quote]

The AHI team works on both local and national levels, traveling wherever their clients need their design expertise. “We love working with clients that understand that great design doesn’t happen overnight, it evolves from the collaboration be- tween our team and our clients,” Hetherington says. “We try to immerse ourselves in what our clients love and design through their lens, but with a bit of a nontraditional twist.”

On top of her design work, founder Abby Hetherington is also responsible for the eclectic and explorative concept furniture showroom Architect’s Wife, located in Bozeman. The nearly 3,000-square-foot showroom is truly an experience for the senses.

With pattern and texture and a touch of whimsy, she has created a space that appeals to anyone looking to be inspired. The Architect’s Wife space allows conceptual ideas to become tangible, providing each customer the ability to feel fabrics, explore textiles, play with room design and envision the future of their own space.

“Everything we do has a lot of detail—it’s relatively simple, but it’s still over the top,” Hetherington says. “Most people wouldn’t come into the showroom and buy a whole vignette. It’s meant for people to come in, explore, experience and feel inspired.”



For interior design services contact Abby Hetherington Interiors at or call (406) 404-1330. The Architect’s Wife is located at 23 West Babcock Street in Bozeman. Visit or call (406) 577-2000 for more information.

Joseph T. O'Connor is the Editor-in-Chief for EBS newspaper and Mountain Outlaw magazine.

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