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Do away with the adverse effects of altitude sickness and enjoy your time in the mountains with Altitude Control Technology. PHOTO COURTESY OF ALTITUDE CONTROL TECHNOLOGY

Mountain living without the altitude sickness

By Mira Brody EBS STAFF

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BIG SKY – The imposing outline of Lone Mountain is framed in your living room window, shrouded in a blanket of white. While strikingly beautiful and home to an abundance of recreational activities, there is one major setback to mountain living—the adverse effects of altitude sickness.

Luckily, Altitude Control Technology, the leading experts in in-home oxygen control in the Rocky Mountains, has found a scientific solution so you spend less time recovering during your vacation and more time enjoying it.

There’s nothing worse than watching your friends and family gearing up for a fun day on the slopes when you don’t feel your best. Altitude sickness occurs at high altitudes where oxygen is thinner and can cause fatigue, sleeplessness, headaches and dizziness. In fact, at 9,000 feet, there is 30 percent less oxygen than there is as sea level. To recover as the body adjusts to Big Sky’s high-mountain lifestyle, it often takes days of rest.

“It’s a solvable problem,” says Bill Sinclair, who owns Altitude Control Technology with his business partner, Kyle Bassett. “We’re not talking about moment-changing stuff, we’re talking about a life-changing solution.”

Clients across the country, such as the U.S. Air Force Academy and the Smithsonian Museum, trust Altitude Control Technology’s systems because they’re based in science. The systems consists of air units stored in a mechanical area, a high performance controller for monitoring the space and controlling the equipment, a touchscreen control pad and a small wall port through which the oxygen is delivered.

Do away with the adverse effects of altitude sickness and enjoy your time in the mountains with Altitude Control Technology. PHOTO COURTESY OF ALTITUDE CONTROL TECHNOLOGY

As weather and temperatures change at altitude, so do the oxygen levels, and any firefighter can tell you pumping too much oxygen into a room can warrant a fire hazard. The Altitude Control Technology system adjusts accordingly so you can set it and forget it without worrying. It can even be adjusted remotely from your phone as you arrive to Montana so your living space feels as though you are 7-8,000 feet lower in elevation by the time you reach your home, preparing you for a good night’s sleep.

“Our system is actually accounting for those changes in pressure to deliver the right amount of oxygen in an equalized environment,” says Sinclair. “These issues are grounded in science and were not just spraying oxygen into a room.”

Since your body will benefit from oxygen absorption overnight, these systems are most effective in bedrooms, but some homeowners will also install one in their home office, depending on where you benefit most from renewed energy. It requires minimal construction and does not disrupt the aesthetics of your home.

“You wouldn’t consider living in Phoenix, [Arizona] without air conditioning,” says Sinclair. “Why would you move to Big Sky without oxygen?”

You’ve made an investment in your home in Big Sky. Allow your mountain living to reach its full potential of enjoyment by stopping altitude sickness from getting in the way. This is your time—make it count. 

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