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Are New Years resolutions falling by the wayside?



By Victoria Bentley

Many of us have grand intentions
for starting the New Year on a path
to optimal wellness.
“I want more energy…”
“I’m going to eat healthier…”
“I want to read more…”
“I want to lose some weight…”
“I will cook more at home…”
“I want to exercise more…”
It’s not so easy. How about: “I want
to make healthier choices.”
Sometimes it doesn’t feel so simple.
If making healthier choices were
easy, I wouldn’t be writing this.
Seriously, can we all give ourselves
a break from the exhaustion of
the guilt we place on each other
and ourselves? Take a deep breath
to know that we all feel this way.
We’re in this together.
We’re all aware what we could do to
increase our health and happiness.
Rather than going into shock from
the huge, overwhelming list of
healthy “to do’s,” break it down.
How about making the first of
every month a new beginning?

Choose a few healthy goals to ac-
complish, create action steps to
reach those goals, and write them
down. A dry-erase board works
well. Place your goals somewhere
you see them everyday. Include
friends and family in deciding
these goals. Their support can make
change less tedious and scary.
Here’s an example:
Action steps:
1. Take dog for walk every morning
and evening
2. Find a local yoga or Pilates class
and go once a week.
3. Grab a friend and share a weekly
personal training session.
Get creative! You’ll surprise your-
self with the time you can create for
yourself and the unique action steps
that work for you.
Track your progress. You may have
implemented action steps but not
quite reached your goal. No prob-
lem. Place that goal at the beginning of the accomplishments
for the next month. Bite size
morsels. Once you notice
progress, you’ll build momen-
tum and confidence to move
forward. This movement
toward a better balance in our
lives will increase our want
to make healthier choices. To
truly detoxify your lifestyle,
think about what you can add
in, not just remove.

Victoria Bentley, Bentley Bodies
Massage, Pilates and Yoga
Personal Training
Health and Nutrition Counseling
(406) 570-9154

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