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Best summer vacation

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I already know what to write about for my best summer vacation story when I start school again. Montana! Montana! Montana!

I went on a road trip with my brother and my dad to visit some amazing places and do even more amazing things! We drove many hours to get to Big Sky, but it was worth it because we climbed up poles, balanced and swung from ropes on the Big Sky Resort ropes course. It was crazy! I loved it!

We also hiked to Ousel Falls, rode horses at Lone Mountain Ranch and rafted the Gallatin River with Papa Nick from Geyser Whitewater. I haven’t ever done that before, and it was scary but super fun.

The whole reason we were in Montana was for the PBR (Professional Bull Riders event). I didn’t know what that was when we were shopping for a cowboy hat in Denver, but Dad kept telling me it was going to be something like we’ve never done before. He was right!

We met Wiley Peterson, a bull rider who showed us the gear and up above the chutes. The best part for me was a dance contest in the middle of the arena with Flint Rasmussen. He is an awesome rodeo clown.

I loved being outdoors with all those cowboys. The music was great too, and so was the food we ate. I can’t stop thinking about the curry chicken salad my dad let me try at some Moose place and the chips with dill sauce at Bugaboo Café.

I feel so lucky my Dad drove us up there to do this! I can’t wait to bring Mom next year.

Oh, did I mention Ol’ Faithful? Smelly but, WOW!

See you next year!

-Finley, age 8

Denver, Colo.

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