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Between the Shelves: Biographies

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By Amy Hunter Assistant Community Librarian

People are fascinating. One of the things that draws us to books is the ability to delve into another perspective, experience and life. The library has an impressive collection of biographies and memoirs that let us do exactly that.

To reach the biography and memoir section of the library, turn right and walk past the turnstile of paperback books until you run into the bookshelf on the wall. Turn around and the shelves behind you are full of biographies and memoirs, from Thomas Jefferson to Barack Obama, from the Wright brothers to Warren Miller. There’s a book about someone of interest for everyone.

Our new titles include “Arnie: the Life of Arnold Palmer” by Tom Callahan, “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me” by Sherman Alexie, and “Memory’s Last Breath: Field Notes on my Dementia” by Gerda Saunders.

The biographies and memoirs for kids are at the end of the wall with the chapter books on the left. Kids can read about pioneer computer coder Grace Hopper, piano inventor Bartolomeo Cristofori, and Malala Yousafzia, who is fighting for girls’ rights around the world. Come to the library to learn about amazing new people.

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