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Big Sky Beats: Season of Change

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By Bella Butler

There’s nothing more visible than a seasonal change in Montana. Autumn rides in on a western wind’s back, diluting the sun with an invisible film and tucking everything into dormancy before winter’s more abrasive entrance. However you receive the new season, this shift can serve as an opportunity to reflect on change. Transformation is the catalyst for evolution, yet it can be the hardest part of life to embrace. As Patty Griffin sings in “Let Him Fly,” “you must always know how long to stay and when to go.” So pour yourself a cup of tea, let that autumn sun find your skin through the window and let this playlist soothe you into a new season of introspection and openness. Listen to the playlist on Spotify here.

  1. “The Times They Are A-Changin’” by Bob Dylan
  2. “Change” by Blind Melon
  3. “Changes” by Langhorne Slim, The Law
  4. “Autumn Leaves” by Caamp
  5. “Change” by Sjowgren
  6. “On Trees and Birds and Fire” by I Am Oak
  7. “The Circle Game” by Joni Mitchell
  8. “Every Age” by Jose González
  9. “Machines” by Mason Jennings
  10. “Let Him Fly” by Patty Griffin

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