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Big Sky Beats: Songs of Resilience

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The sixth annual Big Sky Ideas Festival will feature a live performance by musicians Bruce Anfinson and Monique Benabou on Friday, Jan. 28 at The Independent at 6 p.m. Both Anfinson and Benabou will also perform at TEDxBigSky on Jan. 29 and 30, closing out two nights of moving talks centered around this year’s theme, resilience.

Anfinson’s music paints intimate pictures of the Montana way of life; the people, landscapes and history we love so much. His music is authentic and lyric-heavy, relying on the power of storytelling to make people feel and connect.

“People have told me that I’m authentic and I don’t know what else to be, why would you be anything but yourself?” Anfinson told EBS in an interview.

Benabou describes her music as transformational, powerful and vulnerable; a culmination of her own breakthroughs and rock bottoms. Her songs promote lessons and healing she hopes will facilitate listeners’ discovery of their own intimate truth.

EBS compiled a playlist featuring both of the artists’ music for you to enjoy before heading to The Independent on Friday, Jan. 28 or to TEDxBigSky at Warren Miller Performing Arts Center on Saturday, Jan. 29 and Sunday, Jan. 30 to hear them perform live.  

Listen to the playlist on Spotify here.

Visit for more event details and to purchase tickets.

Big Sky Beats: Songs of Resilience

  1. “Home is Where Montana is” by Bruce Anfinson
  2. “Under Pressure” by Monique Benabou
  3. “Throwing Horseshoes at the Moon” by Bruce Anfinson
  4. “Mr. Know it All – The Voice Performance” by Monique Benabou
  5. “Handmade Saddle” by Bruce Anfinson
  6. “Just Breathe” by Monique Benabou
  7. “Fresh Bread” by Bruce Anfinson
  8. “Goin’ nowhere” by Monique Benabou
  9. “Ballad of Minnie and Pearl” by Bruce Anfinson
  10. “Is That Too Much” by Monique Benabou

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