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Big Sky PBR night 2: “cowboy stuff”

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The Big Sky PBR is co-produced by Outlaw Partners. Outlaw Partners publishes Explore Big Sky.

BIG SKY – It may have been a first for Big Sky last night when a bull escaped from the Big Sky Events Arena and darted for the center of town, but the cowboys of the PBR jumped into action like they’d been training for that moment for most of their lives—as many of them had.

After the bull was returned to his gate in the arena, where night two of the Big Sky PBR was buzzing with energy, bull riders Eli Vastbinder and Dakota Lewis rode horses back onto the dirt with roper Andy Bolich to a roaring applause.

“That’s cowboy stuff right there people,” said PBR entertainer Flint Rasmussen.

Night two of the Big Sky PBR was pumped with adrenaline as riders, bulls and fans alike brought their A-game. With a later start than night one, the crowd cheered on big-point rides well after dark before hitting the dance floor to enjoy music by the Tony Marques Band.

The Big Sky PBR returns for the event finale tonight at 7 p.m., where riders will compete in a final and championship round to earn big bucks before wrapping up what many call their favorite event of the season.


RiderBullRider ScoreBull Score
Bill HenryWSM’s Time in a Bottle87.542.5
Keyshawn WhitehorseOl’ Boy8742.5
Briggs MadsenSaint Joe41.586
Casey RobertsDennis the Menace41.585.5
Bob MitchellOl’ Brindle41.585.5
Dawson BrantonBlackstone4185
Dakota LouisGet Shorty4184.5
Jesse PetriLoose Lips41.584
Elijah MoraRisky Situation40.583.5
Marcus MastHey Bear4183

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