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Bitterroot Capital Advisors is nestled in the bustling downtown Bozeman, but serves clients across the country. PHOTO BY MICHAEL RUEBUSH

Serving clients globally, from downtown Bozeman


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BOZEMAN—From the second floor of the Cooper Block building in downtown Bozeman, you can hear the sound of midday traffic on Main Street from the office of Bitterroot Capital Advisors. Built in 1872, it’s the oldest surviving business building in Bozeman and was designed by Fred F. Willson, the local architect who designed much of the town’s skyline.

BCA’s Managing Director, Andrew Martzloff bought the building in late 2010.  It lived many lives before that, serving as a meat market, society hall for Odd Fellows and Masons, as well as the Montana Armory and a drugstore. With a Main Street exterior of brick and mortar, the building received an Art Deco storefront in the late 1930s, and much more recently an impressive alley expansion and remodel with large steel beams, expansive glass windows and modern interior upgrades—a stark contrast between historic old Main Street and new reality that lies behind.

The juxtaposition feels fitting to the financial advisory firm that is so rooted in experience, yet today invests clients’ assets across the globe. While BCA is settled comfortably in Bozeman and has been here for the last 20 years, they serve their multinational clients with an array of services otherwise rarely found outside of larger cities, including extensive work with private investments.

“We believe that our Montana location reflects our firm’s values, including our commitment to provide unconditional advice, independence, long-term perspective and the wisdom to focus on what’s truly important,” said Martzloff. “Our ultimate goal is to provide our clients with peace-of-mind.  How could a firm be better located to do that?”

BCA was originally founded in San Fransisco in 1997 by Martzloff before he made the decision to move full time to Bozeman. Here, he and his young family could enjoy the culture and landscape the area has to offer—and attract clients who appreciate the values and qualities that make the beautiful Big Sky Country so special.

The firm provides highly tailored wealth management services to individuals and their family offices who seek advice from a privately-owned firm free of outside conflicts. By working with world-class specialized third-party managers, they build global investment portfolios that protect their clients’ hard-earned assets.

Martzloff’s partner Carl Gardiner continued, “A client’s peace-of-mind comes from having an investment advisor who manages risks while being opportunistic and adapts to shifting needs. These may range from changing capital market and tax conditions, an exit from a business, to evolving family and other needs.”  

By being selective, BCA’s team can nimbly focus on building strong relationships with their limited number of client families.

With full time employees in three states and clients across the U.S. and three other countries, BCA feels a center of gravity in the Bozeman and Big Sky area. Here they are surrounded by people with similar values in a building that has witnessed a century and a half of growth, with a team that is looking forward to the next steps in life’s journey.

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