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BSSD Students of the Month: April

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As part of its Student of the Month program, the Big Sky School District honored four students in April for their commitment to being principled.

Teachers choose two “students of the month” from kindergarten through fourth grades and two in middle and high school, recognizing them based on a different theme every month.

The students are honored during an assembly before teachers and fellow students. In addition, the k-4 honorees are rewarded with a burger from The Corral, and the chosen middle and high school students get pizza from Blue Moon Bakery.

Julian RussellK-2 Student of the Month – Julian Russell, first grade

Julian Russell is a student who exemplifies the character trait “principled” in every way. He is honest and fair, and he stands up for his peers when he recognizes a need.

Julian consistently operates with integrity and kindness, and we are very fortunate to have him in our learning community!






Alex Redmon

3-4 Student of the Month – Alex Redmon, third grade

I know that Alex is a student I can count on. He is honest—whether it’s about needing clarification, work he hasn’t finished, or something outside of the academic realm. Alex takes responsibility for his actions and recognizes the cause and effect relationship between what he does and the resulting consequences. It is clear that he learns from past experiences.

Alex is also fair. He expresses his thoughts and opinions in a thoughtful and welcoming way, listening to others before responding. He’s respectful to both students and adults, quick to include others and is a great friend to all of his classmates.

It is clear to me that Alex has a strong sense of integrity, justice and honesty, and that the dignity of all people is something he places importance on.



Nick Wade
Ophir Middle School Student of the Month – Nick Wade, eighth grade

When I think of the word “principled,” I think of someone who is loyal—a person who is willing to do what is right even when it’s uncomfortable, inconvenient or difficult. A principled person continuously makes choices based on their moral compass, and this can be difficult.

I have seen adults buckle under the pressure of these types of decisions, and yet Nick operates daily in this respect. He is kind, thoughtful about the consequences between right and wrong, and most importantly, able to help his peers see and do the same. This is why Nick Wade is our choice for student of the month.



Carter Johnsen


Lone Peak High School Student of the Month – Carter Johnsen, 10th grade

When I think of integrity, I think of a student that is unfailingly devoted to her friends, family and her moral code. Her strong sense of right and wrong is only strengthened by her kindness and willingness to stand up for what she believes in.

While Carter Johnsen has many admirable traits, it is her unfailing dedication to doing what is right—even when it is hard or unpleasant—that is one of the most incredible things about an already remarkable young woman.

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