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BSSD Students of the Month: February



As part of its Student of the Month program, the Big Sky School District honored five students in February for their commitment to being open-minded.

 Teachers choose two “students of the month” from kindergarten through fourth grades and two in middle and high school, recognizing them based on a different theme every month.

 The students are honored during an assembly before teachers and fellow students. In addition, the k-4 honorees are rewarded with a burger from The Corral, and the chosen middle and high school students get pizza from Blue Moon Bakery.

Lola Morris

Lola Morris, Kindergarten

K-2 Student of the Month – Lola Morris, kindergarten

We’re proud to announce this month’s student of the month is Lola Morris. Lola exhibits open-mindedness by accepting everyone in class. She is objective, always willing to try new things and loves to explore. We’re always impressed by the way she treats her classmates, her teacher and her school. Congratulations, Lola!

3-4 Students of the Month – Finn McRae, third grade; Colter Smit, fourth grade

Finn McRae

Finn McRae, 3rd Grade

Finn is not only open-minded in his pursuit of knowledge, but also demonstrates this skill when working with peers of all ages. Finn is committed to furthering his success as a student and learner, and is open to the ideas and opinions of teachers, students, and other resources that help him in his pursuit of knowledge. Finn is willing to see all sides and work with his peers to foster relationships, and respectfully communicates differences in thought while still being open to his classmates’ perspectives.

Colter Smit

Colter Smit, 4th Grade

A student who demonstrates respect for the opinions and suggestions of others is open-minded, and the fourth grader who practices these life skills and qualities is Colter Smit. Students who make positive comments whether or not they agree with others’ ideas are open-minded, and Colter truly understands that everyone may like different things for different reasons. He appreciates cultural differences and others’ needs, and is open to new ideas and perspectives.

Ophir Middle School Student of the Month – Amelia Fischer, seventh grade

An open-minded classmate makes a terrific group member, class member and friend.  Amelia Fischer is that classmate. She’s receptive to the ideas and opinions of others,

Amelia Fischer

Amelia Fischer, 7th Grade

while not prejudging her peers. This doesn’t mean she has no beliefs or opinions of her own, just that she listens to what others have to say, including her teachers. You won’t hear her shouting her opinions before others can open their mouths. Congratulations to Amelia, our student of the month.

Lone Peak High School Student of the MonthAnna Alvin, 10th grade

Anna consistently demonstrates a positive outlook on life and an extraordinary openness to ideas, beyond their initial introductions. She digs in, sticks with them, and explores them deeply on all fronts.

Anna Alvin

Anna Alvin, 10th Grade

Whether it’s picking up a saxophone for the first time or singing second soprano in the a cappella group, she has a proven track record of maintaining an open mind. When it comes to the written word, Anna excels. While drafting, editing and revising, she is more than willing to accept and ask for help. Even when she has an established idea for a story or essay, she keeps options open for the possibility of change. We’re very happy to give this award to such a deserving student. Continue to be open-minded, Anna, and your infectious personality will rub off on others.


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