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Buckle up: Heading straight into winter after a memorable fall in Big Sky

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An October storm dropped more than two dozen inches of snow in the high country around Big Sky. PHOTO BY JACK REANEY


Most years in Big Sky, it snows, then melts. It’ll snow again and it’ll melt again. Typically, there will be snow on the ground by the middle of October.

In the past week, we have seen an accumulation of over 30 inches of snow in the high country. Unlike in previous years, there was no endless cycle of snow falling and melting. Nope, in an instant, it became a winter wonderland in the high country around Big Sky yet again.

Growing up in Big Sky, I have seen various weather patterns. It has snowed on the Fourth of July and then no snow until Christmas.  However, never have I seen such a warm and fruitful autumn as we have in Big Sky this year.

The first significant snowfall of the year is always glamorized in Big Sky. That would be because there is quite an extensive ski and snowboard culture. Big Sky Resort, which began operating in 1973, is the town’s local ski resort. It’s also known as “The Biggest Skiing in North America.” This year our local resort has some new features to improve learning for beginner skiers and snowboarders.

“These improvements will significantly improve the beginner experience on Andesite,” said Christine Baker, the vice president of mountain sports at Big Sky Resort. “Beyond the improvements to skiing terrain, we’ve also reintroduced Headlamp Night Skiing, where skiers go out with a guide and headlamps to ski Andesite trails under the stars from 6-8 p.m. on Wednesday through Saturday.”

The first snowfall of the year is a big deal to all of us who reside here in Big Sky and the surrounding area. Big Sky resort annually opens on the day of Thanksgiving, which typically doesn’t provide the best conditions. However, with snowfall like the most recent one, conditions look better than in previous years.

To prepare for the winter months ahead, remember there are about nine months of the year with snow on the ground, so buckle up. There is a lot to look forward to in all categories of the resort, on and off the slopes.

“We are working to create a more lively atmosphere beyond the ski day by adding more live music on a weekly basis and opening up a new Umbrella Bar in the base area as a place to gather during or after the ski day,” Baker said.

As a native Montana kid and growing up here my entire life, I look forward to these new experiences.

Our winter sports begin in Big Sky, Montana.

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