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Buscrat’s Fables: A Christmas poem



Where’d Santa Claus Come From and When?

Folks call him Santa

Father Christmas, St. Nick

Ol’ Mr Jolly

The big man, take yer pick

I ‘member the day

Santa became Jolly

The magic seeped in

An it tweren’t no folly

It‘s been bout 2,000 years

Since ol’ Nick n’ the missus

Were travelin about

Findin’ places to visit

They spotted an Inn

The feller said it was full

They could stay in the barn tho’

With all the animals

They’d slept in worse places

Than this unlikely home

But soon enough realized

That they wasn’t alone

Snuggled up in the hay

Was a family of three

Mama and papa

And their tiny baby

No coats, flimsy shoes

Their kid born in a barn?

Santa knew he must help

‘twould come to no harm

Santa took off his coat

an’ wrapped it round the papa

Their blanket fer the baby

An’ Mrs. Claus’ cloak fer the mama

They gave ’em every last coin

Their blanket and food

And the last of Santa’s

Prize winning magic stew

The Claus’s loved to give

And them folks needed it more

‘sides, Santa had extra…fluff

To keep him warm

A few decades later

Santa happened back that way

They heard tell of a feller

Perfomin’ miracles each day

He spoke words o’ wisdom

To a whole crowd o’ folks

Most found him amazin’!

Some thought it a hoax

Not Santa n’ missus

They knew it was true

When the feller saw them he parted

The crowd n’ come through

He looked them in the eyes

And said clear as the morn

“I want to thank you for the gifts

on the night I was born.”

Now how’d he remember that?

Just an infant back then

Another miracle for shore

From that magical man

Just then came a wealthy man

Pushin’ through the crowd

“I want to live forever” he said

“Now you tell me how?”

The wise feller answered

“that’s easy enough

Give yer money to the poor

And yer time, and yer stuff.”

I believe his wisdom

Was lost on that rich man

“He won’t give it all” thought Santa,

“He won’t, but I can!”

Each year on the eve of

The wise feller’s birth

Santa gave away everything

they possessed on the earth

From that day forward

They din’t age a lick

They gave all they had

To the poor n’ the sick

But the real magic happened

When Santa Claus found

As much as he gave

More came the next round

The first years he spent

Givin’ just to the poor

But he had so much to give

He had to choose more

They decided all year

They’d spend searchin n’ siftin’

Lookin’ for folks

Who deserved some upliftin’

The sick n’ the needy

Came first of course

But all this new magic

Changed Santa’s course

‘Steada travelin’ abroad

All the year round

They needed a place

They could settle down

A place to build toys

And build up their stock

They could bring joy to thousands

And work round the clock

But santa din’t want

No attention on hisself

He just wanted to give

He liked how it felt

He started with a sleigh

And two little reindeer

they was good in the snow

And could persevere

Each Christmas Eve

He loaded up his sleigh

N’ delivered his goods

To the kids down the way

As years went by

He’d need a bigger sleigh

And 6 more o’ them deer

As more magic came his way

As the magic kept coming

His route grew to reach more

There was good deserving folks

Besides just the poor

Santa wanted to give

To those in need

But also to those

Who done a good deed

As the years went by

His reindeer could fly

They covered the earth

In one magic night

As the magic continued

He able to know

If kids were behavin’

An’ deserved presents so

A buncha small fellers

Come to lend a hand too

Cheerful little bunch

With neat pointy shoes

They spend all year long

Working at the north pole

‘cept for summer in Montana

(It’s good for the soul)

Buscrat’s Fables are simple stories that teach a moral. Buscrat welcomes you to visit for more fables and to post your comments.

Megan Paulson is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Outlaw Partners.

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