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Business Profile: Big Sky Tree removal

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For Big Sky Tree Removal owner Tom Newberry, cutting trees comes second nature. So does professional football.

Retired from 10 seasons in the NFL, Newberry played with the Los Angeles Rams for nine years and the Pittsburgh Steelers for one year. He was a starter for the Steelers in Super Bowl XXX, a two-time Pro Bowl and NFL All-Pro offensive guard, and a three-time “All Madden Team” member.

So how do tree service, infested tree removal, and selling firewood in Big Sky fit into the mix for this ex-pro football player?

“I spent my whole life cutting trees with my parents, and I taught my twin boys to do the same,” says Newberry. “Now that they’re freshman red-shirt football players at MSU, clearing trees, cutting and selling firewood [together] is a good way for me to do what I enjoy, for them to make some extra money for college, and for all of us to help keep the forest clean around Big Sky.”

Newberry has lived in Big Sky for the past seven years, officially establishing Big Sky Tree Removal in February 2010. Newberry notes that most of his business focuses on beetle kill and implementing fire suppression techniques.

Big Sky Tree Removal is an approved RC&D Hazardous Rules Reduction Contractor, and works with the Gallatin County Extension in partnership with Northern Rocky Mountain Resource Conservation and Development to clear trees along roads and near homes in an effort to fireproof residential areas.

“We’re seeing more and more beetle kill, and it’s a big fire hazard. When people need any tree debris removed from their property, they call us,” says Newberry. “None of the trees we remove go to waste—everything we cut is either chipped or turned into firewood. It’s cold here, people need lots of firewood in the winter.”

Newberry’s tree removal season runs May – November, but firewood is available year-round.

For pricing, delivery or more information on Big Sky Tree Removal services or firewood options, contact Tom at or 406-995-7852.

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