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Camelbak Eddy Glass

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By Renae Counter

Though it’s not famed for a musical role in the ‘90s rock band, Fu Manchu, the new eddy Glass water bottle from CamelBak has star potential in the world of hydration. This BPA-free glass water bottle derives from a durable glass manufacturer in France. The upside of going glass? The bottle doesn’t hold tastes or odors, is spill proof and dishwasher safe. How strong is it? CamelBak claims it can withstand a three foot concrete drop. Mine took a dive off the top of my ’94 Oldsmobile straight onto parking lot pavement. The diagnoses: a little dirty but otherwise intact. Another tester said he likes how easy it is to clean and said its construction is “solid.” The eddy Glass comes with a protective silicone sleeve in four colors, aqua, charcoal, purple and lime. $25

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